Locksmith Apopka, is a full service locksmith company, family owned and operated. so if, it is security that you would be envisaging then you need us. providing state of the locking devices it would cost you only a call to summon the best in the business, IBS Locksmith Apopka and install the right locks to protect you and your loved ones. our professionals standing by and ready to assist you with all your needs. when you locked yourself out of your house, and cant find your office keys give us a call at 4073539500. We will come to your place anywhere in Apopka FL, and nearby cities. at IBS you will receive a great professional and friendly locksmith service and so at the best rates in town. 

Our 24 hour emergency locksmith service in Apopka, including car lockout, house lock change and so key replacement. As we have designed vehicles to be at your beck and so call when you need us. Because back our boast with our deeds and have never failed our clientele. And have ensured that whatever predicament they would have been in our 24 hour Locksmith emergency service has extricated them.

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As one of the leaders and respected locksmith in Apopka over many years. we provide commercial locksmith services. Protecting your office from criminals who are busy finding ways to break in, our locking created to keep them out. because of the modern locking technology being developed, criminals too have upped their know how on tampering with locks. Which is evident with the rising incidences of burglary. With criminals using a new technique called “lock bumping”, where they open conventional locks by inserting a key half way through,  applying subtle rotational pressure and using a screwdriver or similar tool to give the lock a jolt, which lifts the spring loaded pins so then returns them back to the original position. 

This does not leave any trace of being tampered which has created a major problem between but owners and insurance companies, because where the locks show no forcible entry into the premises. So, call and ask about bump proof locks, and so for any additional information on our re key lock service.