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IBS Locksmith Orlando is not the only locksmith service provider that you can find in Orlando, FL. You will be able to discover many other service providers, who offer the same service. However, plenty of reasons are available for you to go ahead with the services that are offered by IBS Locksmith Orlando. Then you will be provided with the opportunity to keep peace of mind.

The staff who offers 24 hours locksmith services through IBS Locksmith Orlando are professionally trained. They know how to get the job done in the most effective way. On the other hand, they also have a clear understanding about the steps, which need to be followed to get a specific work done. Therefore, you can end up with a quality service. All the professionals adhere to guidelines when offering their services. Hence, you can invite them to come and work at your property without keeping a second thought. The company is insured and bonded to provide an unmatched service quality to you as well. call us at 407-353-9500

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Automotive Locksmith Orlando

We understand that a car lockout can be really bad especially when you are in a hurry, to avoid such incidents our automotive locksmith service is here to help you. We are a company based in Orlando, Florida since the past several years and have continued to serve. At IBS locksmith we have the solution for your lost car keys. Even if somehow your kid got locked out in the car do not panic. Obviously, in this case, you would want to call a professional locksmith who is able to make a car key replacement or a duplicate of your car key so that you can get your kid out of the car at once or reach your destination quickly for which you have already been late. It might happen to anyone in a rush any of us might get locked keys in the car but if this happens near some gas station or an area where there is a chance of getting robbed you might call the police first. But after that surely you would want an automotive locksmith who is able to unlock the car door or make a car key replacement. So, you can contact us without thinking at 407-3539500. IBS locksmith can serve you 24 hours and 7 days a week and we assure you that our staff will reach to you within 30minutes.

RESIDENTIAL Locksmith Orlando

To be protected you would need to ensure that all entry and exit points in your place of residence which invariably would be your much loved home is well locked and secured. If it is security that you would be envisaging then you would need to get the best locksmiths to install the best locking systems and with the locking industry providing state of the locking devices it would cost you only a call to summon the best in the business, IBS Locksmiths and install the right locks to protect you and your loved ones. Hence being ready with the appropriate deterrents is your best option and it would also give you the peace of mind to rest in blissful sleep knowing that you and your loved ones are well protected. There is none who could provide you the best security solutions for your residence other the leader in home locking devices and the most experienced Locksmith in Orlando who have been in the forefront protecting the community and that would be IBS Locksmiths the very friendly locking specialist, closest to you.


Our Commercial service is completely Professional and reliable. as we specialize in the latest technology. We are available 24 hours so that even if you are stuck in some emergency situation we are there every time to serve you be it your office, car or home. At IBS we also provide the facility of panic bar installation so that in case of an emergency your staff can easily exit the building quickly and be safe. Moreover, we have the most professional and qualified staff who can do everything for you from making a duplicate key to, changing the locks, installing and re-key lock and much more. So, if you have lost your office keys you can get locks re-key easily by contacting us. Instead of installing a new lock we can provide you with a new key and even if you have more locks we can make one key for you that can serve all your locks which are somewhat similar, to save you from the hassle of carrying multiple keys.


More than likely you realized you left your keys in the house before you could catch the door before it shut, or your key simply fell off of your key ring. Whatever it was that happened, call us and we will refer you to a professional locksmith to get you back into your home. We understand what all a house lockout entails. Perhaps a small child, or an elderly loved one is locked inside and requires immediate attention. Or possibly you left the stove on, it is storming, very cold, very hot out, or just simply need to gain access back into your home. We classify lockout services as an emergency and would like to correct the situation that you are in as quickly as possible. There are quite a few different ways to gain access to your home, business, or interior door to that is inside either one. Locks have different levels of security and a professional locksmith technician is ready to assist you with which ever type that you have. Low security, medium security, and high security knobs or deadbolts. There are different tools and methods to be used in any type of lockout.